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"borrowed" from the best

Counterfeit Catering

Why are we Counterfeit?

Well, our tagline is “borrowed from the best” and calling ourselves Counterfeit Catering is a catchy way to let people know that we are not chefs developing our own recipes but people who appreciate great food experiences and love to imitate and fuse the best of what we’ve had and share it with others.

About the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer:

From prison kitchen to catering coordinator to Counterfeit, Michelle has worked in a kitchen all her life.

She fearlessly dives into any recipe, from anonymous online postings to big name chefs at the best restaurants. She is a tireless catering coordinator, concerned with all details of your event.

About the Chief Guinea Pig:

Electrical Engineer, Bike Racer, Son of a school lunch lady, Ryan was born to eat.

He has a love for flavors from obscure beer to cheap wine, taco stands to fine dining; nothing stands that he won't try once. He meticulously masticates and dissects flavors for his love and partner Michelle. He is occasionally helpful in the kitchen too. 

"borrowed from the best"